Tuesday, November 15, 2016

SMEs: Ajman Free Zone’s Forte

Ajman, United Arab Emirates - Tuesday, November 15th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

Small and Medium-sized businesses are vastly growing within the UAE, and to help reach their optimum efficiency, Ajman Free Zone never fails to step in and make the entire procedure remarkably easier by bringing forward start-up packages and facilities that have proven to work their up the ranks of market favorites.

Since its establishment in 1988, Ajman Free Zone has perpetuated the undeviating growth of local businesses regardless of their size, hence playing a pivotal role in the economic status within the emirate; cultivating the soil for more business to be set up and in turn, smoothen the transition of entering the industry by competitive packages at even more competitive prices.

Setting up a business can be a tedious process, especially when a young and aspiring businessperson is behind it. Often, the steps to be taken and the entities to turn to in such a time are all vague and not always firmly known. To remedy this, AFZ targets the younger audience by launching products such as ‘The Business Centre’, a studiously constructed starter pack aimed at eliminating all obstacles that may arise in the way of an aspiring entrepreneur planning to establish a business for prices starting from just AED11, 900. This is inclusive of a 100sq.m warehouse for all company storage purposes, where the usual price starts from AED35, 000 and is aimed at companies with rapid turn arounds.

The ‘Smart Office’ is yet another AFZ exclusive, which is a customized office set up inclusive of 2 visas. This is to eradicate the inconvenience of having to search for empty spaces in random locations and also spares entrepreneurs from disorienting ranges of office prices and spaces, and the price of this package starts from AED21, 900. Conclusively, Ajman Free Zone also provides installment plans to add another layer of assistance in order to alleviate the process even further and reduce the burden of overt investments. This would also help diminish hesitation and reluctance to found businesses due to reasons relating to entry costs and financial circumstances. Additionally, AFZ is known to issue licenses within the span of two hours, making it not only a favorite in terms of prices, but also speed and overall efficiency; setting it apart from competing local Free Zone organizations.

As the UAE gradually and steadily stabilizes its status as the Middle East’s leading business hub globally for all types of businesses, Ajman Free Zone aims to accommodate the smaller companies and provide them with sufficient equity, qualifying them for the industry’s competitive standards and allowing them to operate without being held back by elements unrelated to their immediate businesses. In turn, the business can fully operate and rake in revenues, further allowing the financial economy to flourish and pave the way for greater amounts of business to join in, increasing the influx of entrepreneurs and companies across the land.

Mr. Mahmood Al Hashemi, General Manager, Ajman Free Zone, said, “To focus on SMEs means to focus on the youth and ultimately the future of Ajman’s business culture. There is so much potential that lies within the ideas of young entrepreneurs looking to make an impact within the industry, but are being crippled by finances and complicated business establishment procedures. Ajman Free Zone’s strong point is catering to budding businesses and mitigating their obstacles, and it does so by raising them up and providing them with all the facilities they could require. Ajman Free Zone unwaveringly strives to create the best and most suitable packages for all SMEs.”

Mr. Nader Eldesouky, Deputy Director General, Ajman Free Zone, added, “Ajman Free Zone ventures towards nurturing the youth through the ease of transitioning into setting up business. This is to encourage more SMEs and markets to merge into this hub and ultimately create a melting pot of institutions catering to all kinds of target audiences originating from all corners of the world.”

Mr. Rishi Somaiya, Director of Sales, Ajman Free Zone, concluded “AFZ is proud to invest in the youth by alleviating the challenges of establishing their companies through facilitating them with unique offers and opportunities.”

About Ajman Free Zone:

Today the UAE has over 36 free trade zones. Ajman Free Zone belongs to the top three most popular ones. Ajman is strategically located in the centre of the UAE facilitating easy access to all the Emirates. The commercial capital of the UAE, Dubai is only 35 kilometres and 25 minutes’ drive from Ajman — making Ajman Free Zone an attractive investment destination. Ajman Free Zone offers an array of flexible options and facilities for all types of businesses including its flagship products — Smart Offices, Executive Offices and Smart Warehouses offering flexible options from 100 square meters size. This, supported with attractive licensing solutions for all sectors including trading companies, service providers and industries, makes for a compelling business proposition. Ajman Free Zone Authority is the most promising in terms of macroeconomics on the Middle East, providing tax incentives for persons and corporate entities with liberation from all foreign import and export taxes.


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