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National Winners from 18 Countries and Region Selected for Panasonic KWN Global Contest 2017

Image not foundOSAKA, Japan -Sunday, July 16th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ]
(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Panasonic Corporation has completed the final judging process for the Global Contest 2017 of "Kid Witness News (KWN)," an educational program designed to support the video production of elementary, junior high, and high school students around the world with the KWN concept of “The World Through Their Eyes.”
The 26 national winners for the KWN Global Contest 2017 have been selected and approximately 100 representatives of the 26 winning schools in 18 different countries and region have been invited to Tokyo to attend the "KWN Global Summit 2017" from August 1 to 5, which will be held for the first time. During this period, the Grand Prix winners will be announced at the KWN Global Contest 2017 awards on August 4.
Amid a global environment that calls for the world to work more closely together, the "KWN Global Summit 2017" is a new initiative for nurturing the next generation of young global leaders, which seeks to provide them with the opportunity for furthering mutual understanding and promoting peaceful coexistence, with the aim of "Create Our Future Together" by looking at social issues from a global perspective. Around 100 representatives have been invited from 18 countries and region around the world to visit Tokyo to spend five days working together through interviews and discussions and sharing the ideas, geared towards "Create Our Future Together."
The children will study the issues together through their "eyes" and give presentations entitled "Our Proposal For A Better Future" on August 4 for KWN Global Summit 2017. Their activities are scheduled to be broadcast live via KWN Facebook and Youtube.
KWN activities are currently being conducted in 18 different countries and region around the world as part of Panasonic's educational support activities for the next generation. This is an interactive educational program in which participating schools are supplied with video equipment and the videos they produce are judged in contests every year. The children complete the entire production process themselves, from planning to investigation, filming, and editing. First launched in the United States in 1989, KWN has now been running for 28 years with a total of more than 180,000 children and their teachers taking part so far. This year saw around 5,000 people took part from 18 different countries and region around the world, with submissions received from 343 schools. The five-minute videos were produced on three broad themes – "communication," "environment," and "sports" – as the children offered their own unique perspectives on issues close to them like sports, global environmental problems, and people who have dealt with families, disabilities, and PTSD. The 26 national winning entries from 18 countries and region can be viewed on the official KWN website.
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KWN 2017 national winners
(Listed alphabetically by country name)


Elementary schools

Private Elementary School
of the Franciscan Sisters

Communication: The video describes the message of
the importance of friendship; life is more fun with friends.
  What is important to us?
Ecole Rockingham School
  Communication: The video shows their unique group work with the entire school celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary with each member holding up a card about patriotism.
  Here's Our Canada
Beijing Haidian Wanquan Primary School
  Communication: The video depicts the sadness of Beijing children who spend their entire days studying.
  One day of Beijing Kids
  [Czech Republic]
Primary School of Josef Bublik, Banov
  Communication: The students from two villages overcome their hatred to learn love and respect transcending religious and ethnic differences thanks to their teacher’s lessons.
  Against the hatred
School at Ernst-Reuter-Place
  Communication: The children of different countries and cultures assemble at one school and transcend language barriers to come together through dance.
  Tell me what you want!
  [Hong Kong]
Yuen Long Government Primary School
  Environment: A strange email received from the year 2077 tells the children of water shortages and environmental devastation in the future.
Al Azhar 17 Bintaro Islamic
Elementary School
  Communication: Questioning the danger of children losing their desire to learn because of limited, one-way discussion and communication.
  Silent Language
FC Força Hahajima
  Communication & Environment: The video shows how people living on the island of Hahajima, Ogasawara are connected to their beautiful natural surroundings.
  Sharing Ties
Long Sepiling Primary School
  Communication: The video focusing on hands, with the message that hands are a divine gift that joins people together.
Primary School with Kindergarten of Rudolf Dilong
  Communication: The importance of expressing respect and gratitude to our mothers with interviews and acted scenes is underlining in the movie.
  My mum
Assumption Samutprakarn School
  Sports: The main character of the video learns about sportsmanship and paying respect to one's opponent.
  The Winner
  [United States of America]
Rancho Minerva Middle School
  Communication: A 92-year-old US Navy veteran and a 14-year-old child of immigrant parents write a letter to today’s America with their message about patriotism and the importance of family.
  Dear America
Master Hand Children Group
  Communication: A young boy shows how advances in technology have left him lonely due to insufficient communication with his parents.


Junior high and high schools
Ried Polytechnic School
  Communication: A student obsessed with computer games loses both friends and the chance to go to a good school. But his classmates care about him, trying to help him find a balance between the virtual world and the real world.
  Back to Reality
Guilherme Dumont Villares School
  Communication: A homeless boy encounters the world of music and sees his own world changed
  Light of Melody
  Communication: The video is a comedic documentary taking a humorous look at the various attempts and difficulties encountered producing this video from the students’ aspects.
  Attention Film!
Regina Pacis Junior High School
  Communication: A girl who had lost her will to live searches desperately for, and ultimately discovers a new purpose.
  Love Letters
Fukushima Prefectural
Iwaki Senior High School
  Communication: The video without words shows communication is the best way of bringing people closer together.
Batu Lintang National Secondary School
  Sports: The story is following a disabled athlete who never gave up on her dream and made a contribution to her country by winning a Paralympic medal.
Indian School Al Ghubra
  Sports: The story is about a poor boy who is good at cricket pursuits his dreams to become a cricketer after his father’s death, conveying the message of the importance of the passion to make the dream come true.
  Legends are not born, but made!
Saint Christopher Episcopal Institute
  Sports: The video is a documentary which tells us that there is no limitation for achieving our dreams by depicting a young man who is trying to overcome obstacles through sports.
  Communication: The video is focusing on AIDS, poverty, and sexual discrimination problems in Tanzania, showing that education is a force that can change society.
  FURAHA I –I have a Dream-, -One day-
Montfort College
  Communication: The story of a young girl whose mother suffers from schizophrenia, and who falls into depression herself due to relationships with society and at school.
  Dead End
  [United Arab Emirates]
Elite Private School
  Communication: The video is about the people suffering from PTSD due to war or the loss of loved ones get back on their feet with the support of those around them.
  [United States of America]
Eastlake High school
  Communication: The video is about a daughter and her father who wasted time and missed seeing his children grow up in their daily lives in the lack of communication.
  It’s Worth It
Alpha Secondary School
  Communication: The video is about social conditions in Vietnam, stressing the importance of freedom of expression for children in education.

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About Panasonic Kid Witness News
KWN was launched in 1989 when the local Panasonic company in the United States supplied video recording and editing equipment to public elementary and junior high schools for an educational program in which children could produce news videos from their own perspective. The program was then developed globally, with 18 different countries and region taking part today. The aims of the KWN activities are, through video production, to foster creativity among the children, and to raise their social awareness as they investigate things like regional society and global environmental issues. Those overseeing the activities have also reported an educational value to the teamwork skills that can be cultivated through the video production process. The program also allows participating schools the opportunity for international exchange through the global network of KWN participating schools.
The concept for these activities is "The World Through Their Eyes." The program emphasizes the "world and perspectives as seen by children", and seeks to cultivate the "eyes" through which the Kids Journalists view their society.

*Participants: 18 countries and region
North America

Canada, United States
Latin America
  Brazil, Panama
  Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia
Middle East
  Oman, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates

China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

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