Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More Than 30 Data Presentations at the World Union of Wound Healing Societies Congress Expand Body of Evidence for Acelity Portfolio

PREVENA™ Therapy product use data examines effect of closed negative pressure on wound treatment, including reported potential of reduced risk of surgical site occurrences and infections

SAN ANTONIO - Tuesday, September 27th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Acelity, a global advanced wound care and regenerative medicine company, announced today that data from more than 30 abstracts, including 14 oral presentations and 22 poster presentations, will be presented this week at the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) Congress in Florence, Italy (September 25-29).

Featured research includes the use of the PREVENA™ Incision Management System following a variety of surgical procedures, including for patients at risk for complications. The System enables surgeons to apply negative pressure therapy following procedures such as spinal fusion, revision knee and hip replacements and lower extremity trauma fracture. Other studies will examine the impact of V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Therapy and the NANOVA™ Therapy System (not available in the US), a disposable negative pressure wound therapy system, to promote wound healing among patients with acute or chronic wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers that occur in up to 25 percent of people with diabetes.

“Acelity is proud to showcase the data from our extensive wound care portfolio at WUWHS and to demonstrate how our dedication to innovations in medical technology is helping to find more effective healing solutions for patients at every stage of wound care and across all care settings,” said Joe Woody, president and chief executive officer of Acelity. “WUWHS provides an important forum for the global wound care community to discuss clinical concerns, innovation and the future direction of wound care, and we are very honored to share our learnings as a leader in the field.”

WUWHS 2016 marks an important milestone for Acelity. In 2014, the Company united as Acelity, one global company devoted to developing innovative solutions in the areas of advanced wound therapeutics and regenerative medicine. Created by combining the strengths of Kinetic Concepts, Inc., LifeCell Corporation and Systagenix Wound Management Limited, together Acelity is committed to advancing the science of healing and restoring people’s lives.

Featured data presentations include:

Tuesday, September 27, Hall Raffaello, 8:00-11:00 a.m., Session 2B

    Initial Experience With Incisional Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (INPWT) Using A Novel High Risk-Patient Selection Protocol (OR 101 – ID 311 ), Pak Leung, Mark Kaplan
    This study was designed to test an innovative patient selection protocol that identifies candidates at risk for postoperative wound complications that were treated with PREVENA™ Incision Management System.
    Randomized Control Trial Of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy For High Risk Groin Wounds In Lower Extremity Revascularization (OR 107 – ID 746), Kevin Lee, Patrick Murphy, Luc Dubois, Guy Derose, Thomas Forbes, Adam Power
    This single center, randomized, controlled trial was designed to study the effect of NPWT compared to standard dressing on high risk groin wounds in vascular surgery patients undergoing lower limb revascularization.
    Closed Incision Negative Pressure Dressings: Improved Wound Healing In Breast Reconstruction (OR 108 – ID 790), Devinder Singh, Luther Holton
    This retrospective analysis examines the effect of PREVENA™ on surgical site occurrences, including surgical site infections, in patients undergoing immediate breast reconstruction.
    V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Instillation Therapy: Experience With 52 Cases (OR 109 – ID 857), Franco Bassetto, Eleonora De Antoni
    The retrospective analysis looked at the effect of V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Therapy on the wound bed to decrease bacterial burden and promote wound healing.

Tuesday, September 27, Poster Gala, Spandolini Pavilion, Upper Floor, Poster Area 6:00-7:00 p.m.

    Evaluation Of Epidermal Grafts For The Treatment Of Complex Wounds In A Wound Care Center: A Large Case Series (PO285- ID 310), Katherine Lincoln
    The study evaluated the use of automated epidermal harvesting and grafts with CELLUTOME™ Epidermal Harvesting System and Tegaderm™ to treat patients with multiple comorbidities and complex wounds.

Wednesday, September 28, Hall Renaissance, 8:00-11:00 a.m., Session 3A

    Use Of Epidermal Skin Grafting And Non-Adherent Silicone Dressings In Patients With Complex Wounds: A Case Series (OR 154 – ID 896), Animesh Bhatia
    The study examined the effects of CELLUTOME™ Epidermal Harvesting System along with non-adherent silicone dressings on complex wounds in patients with wounds present for 5 weeks up to one year.

Acelity symposia include:

Monday, September 26, Hall Renaissance, 12:15-1:45 p.m.

Advanced Approaches to Complex Clinical Problems in Wound Care
The symposia will feature the highest level of clinical evidence on the latest therapies in wound care for patients with complex wounds. Data surrounding PREVENA™ Incision Management System, V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Therapy and the ABTHERA™ Therapy System are among the topics to be discussed.

    Chair: Marco Romanelli (Italy)
    Panelists: Chris Attinger (USA), Luis Fernandez (USA), Shou-Cheng Teng (Taiwan), Christian Willy (Germany)

Tuesday, September 27, Hall Brunelleschi, 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Achieving Complete Wound Closure with Advanced Modalities
The symposia will focus on the continuum of wound care from wound bed preparation to wound closure, including treatment in the community healthcare setting. Highlighted data include PREVENA™ and CELLUTOME™.

    Chair: Keith Harding (UK) chair
    Panelists: Rosemary Hill (Canada), Robert Kirsner (USA), Marco Warbout (The Netherlands)

About Acelity

Acelity L.P. Inc. and its subsidiaries are a global advanced wound care and regenerative medicine company created by uniting the strengths of three companies, Kinetic Concepts, Inc., LifeCell Corporation and Systagenix Wound Management, Limited. Available in more than 80 countries, the innovative and complementary Acelity product portfolio delivers value through solutions that speed healing and lead the industry in quality, safety and customer experience. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Acelity employs more than 5,800 people around the world.



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