Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification Clients Select Heartbeat Experts for Global, Enterprise KOL Management

BRUSSELS - Tuesday, January 25th 2011 [ME NewsWire]
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(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Heartbeat Experts reported today that seven existing KOL identification clients have expanded their contracts, selecting the company to provide solutions for global, enterprise Key Opinion Leader (KOL) management. These expanded contracts are for implementing Heartbeat Experts’ solution for KOL relationship management, speaker management and presentation management.

Heartbeat Experts reported that these clients span pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device, vaccines and eye-care with two headquartered in North America, three headquartered in Europe and two headquartered in Asia Pacific. The clients are supported by Heartbeat Experts’ 15 local offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Jonah Meyers, CEO of Heartbeat Experts, said, “These contract expansions continue to reflect the growing importance of enterprise KOL management for global life sciences companies. Our clients recognize that KOLs from a variety of markets are being engaged across the globe. We were selected because we have the most comprehensive and flexible set of features and data analytics to support multiple, global business units working together on KOL management. As KOLs from North America and Western Europe are increasingly being used for marketing in emerging markets and Asia Pacific, clients recognize the risks in compliance and mismanagement of KOL relationships.”

Larry Cohen, President of Heartbeat Experts, added, “Compliance and transparency are the two main reasons these seven clients implemented our enterprise solution. A common need is to avoid engaging with KOLs who have been barred or sanctioned. Having more control over the selection criteria and MSL assignments ensures the results of KOL identification projects are put to proper use in the field.”

Heartbeat Experts ( works with over 100 clients on KOL management, speaker management, slide management, market access and policy projects. Working from ten offices worldwide on projects in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America, Heartbeat Experts' consulting solutions have been implemented for pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, diagnostics and vaccine firms across key markets. Heartbeat's broad Key Opinion Leader and stakeholder mapping and engagement planning specialization help clients consult their networks across key markets.

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