Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ajman Free Zone kick-Starts its Latest Product ‘Business Centre’

Ajman, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, August 3rd 2016 [ME NewsWire]

Ajman Free Zone launches its newest product ‘The Business Centre’, a kick-starter pack for those looking to open up companies within the country. The plan aims to contribute towards aiding entrepreneurs in establishing their companies and increase the rate at which companies start up in the city. It intends to do so by offering prices that are noticeably challenging to come across anywhere else.

Founded in 1988, Ajman Free Zone has held on to the mantle of being one of the pioneering organizations being credited for industrial development in the region for a considerable while. This was possible to achieve due to the organization’s undying attempts to reach out to aspiring entrepreneurs and nurturing them with offers that are sure to reel them in to the industry; providing them with all the services and facilities a company would need in its dawn.

‘The Business Centre’ is ultimately AFZ’s most recent blueprint for a new company, proposing entrepreneurs across the land just AED 11,900 for the key to their companies, making Ajman Free Zone the first organization to ever offer a start-up kit with this price-tag attached, along with being the first to issue licenses in 2 hours.

SMEs within the UAE enjoy a variety of services whilst dealing with AFZ, as the organization’s main selling point continues to favor its clients through unbeatable advantages, making it a favorite amongst eastern and western markets looking to plant their roots in the soils of the UAE, but facing the difficulties of prohibiting entry costs.

Mr. Mahmood Al Hashemi, General Manager, Ajman Free Zone, said, “This is our next step towards realizing the vision of global markets coming together across bridges built through efficient business strategies. ‘The Business Centre’ is a prime example of a future wherein companies can flourish without being tied down by the chains of financial limitations. Our main aim is to bring together markets hailing from all corners of the world, and terminating hardships faced by the entrepreneurs in their early stages of business set-ups.”

Accentuating his comments, Mr. Nader Eldesouky, Deputy Director General, Ajman Free Zone, added, “Ajman Free Zone aims to maintain the promise of fast and easy services in order to bring forward diverse businesses across the market. This is to ensure that the rates of companies consistently and rapidly increase across the country, stabilize their economic growth and ascertain their satisfaction.”

Mr. Rishi Somaiya, Director of Sales, Ajman Free Zone, concluded, “Our goal is to encourage them by reinforcing special offers which they would not encounter in other competing free zone based institutions.”


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