Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Global Top-Fifteen Pharma Company Selects Cegedim Relationship Management’s SaaS Solution for Optimizing Alignment of Sales Forces and Territories

Organization Manager™ to be Implemented in 70 Countries Across 4 Continents

PARIS - Wednesday, July 20th 2011 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Cegedim Relationship Management, the world’s leading provider of Life Sciences-specific customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, today announced that a global top-fifteen pharmaceutical company selected its sales force alignment solution, Organization Manager™, for implementation in 70 countries. The first global territory management solution for the Life Sciences industry on a software as a service (SaaS) platform, Organization Manager facilitates comprehensive territory alignment from a centralized online resource.

Better Sales Force Management in a New Life Sciences Environment

Sales force realignments are resource and time consuming initiatives that due to their complexity may only occur up to twice per year in a typical Life Sciences company. As the landscape is changing more rapidly than in the past, successful Life Sciences companies seek to increase their ability to realign their commercial teams in an effective and seamless manner. Therefore, Bio-pharmaceutical companies need tools that track every movement of their sales forces in the past, present and future. Cegedim Relationship Management’s Organizational Manager meets these needs by delivering a robust, seamless and efficient realignment tools that:

Minimizes sales force downtime and disruption associated with traditional territory realignments
Reorganizes territories in a controlled and flexible manner with simulations and “what if” scenarios to find unaligned customersand forecasted sales rep territory gains and losses
Consolidates reference for alignments – historic, current and future view - to address any inquiries related to compliance and compensation
Easily integrates with CRM, Human Resources and other enterprise systems

“Organization Manager is the only solution of its kind that supports Life Sciences organizations striving for global or regional governance,” explained Laurent Labrune, Chief Executive Officer, Cegedim Relationship Management. “This prestigious company selected our state-of-the-art solution not only because of its functionality and our ability to provide global support, but also because it allows centralized management of all alignment data and territories from one single repository with optimized performance for complex, major realignments,”

Under the agreement, the global pharmaceutical company’s US affiliate will migrate from an earlier version of Organization Manager to the Global Organization Manager SaaS platform. In addition, over 70 of the company’s affiliates around the world, including Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, will be managed through Organization Manager by the end of 2012. The agreement also includes professional services for configuration, deployment and ongoing customer support.

About Cegedim Relationship Management:

Cegedim Relationship Management is the Life Sciences industry’s leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Designed specifically for Life Sciences, the company’s innovative business solutions incorporate a thorough understanding of local, regional and worldwide trends. Cegedim Relationship Management enables more than 200,000 users in many of the world’s most innovative companies to stay ahead of market challenges. In addition to CRM, Cegedim Relationship Management also provides marketing, data optimization and regulatory compliance solutions in more than 80 countries. Cegedim Relationship Management is part of the France-based Cegedim S.A. Group.

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About Cegedim:

Founded in 1969, Cegedim is a global technology and services company specializing in the healthcare field. Cegedim supplies services, technological tools, specialized software, data flow management services and databases. Its offerings are targeted notably at healthcare industries, life sciences companies, healthcare professionals and insurance companies. The world leader in life sciences CRM, Cegedim is also one of the leading suppliers of strategic healthcare industry data. Cegedim employs 8,500 people in more than 80 countries and generated revenue of €927 million in 2010. Cegedim SA is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: CGM).

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